NJSBMWR Member Application Form

If you wish to join by US Mail or at a meeting, download and print this form, fill it out, and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form, or bring it to a club meeting. Otherwise . . .

Fill in this form completely. After you click 'Submit This Form', you will be taken to Paypal, where you will be asked for your mailing address (so we can mail your newsletter) and a credit card number or paypal account information so you can pay.

First Name Last Name
Significant Other's Name
Home phone Cell phone
BMW-MOA member ? Yes No   If yes, MOA number:
BMW-RA member ? Yes No   If yes, RA  number:
Your Email Address
Street Address Your City
State Zipcode
The club runs a private mailing list - only open to paid club members..It is used to arrange spontaneous and planned rides, announce club events, remind you of meetings and any other club functions. The list is not used for idle chat, and you can select to receive no email from the list with the exception of administrative email (which is infrequent). You can also select to get the email as single messages (recommended since the volume of mail is very low) or in a daily digest. In order to be a member of this list you must REQUEST to be on it - and have a good Email address.
I would like to be on the NJSBMWR email list: Yes No
I'm interested in: Overnight Rallys Longer Distance Touring Tech Sessions
Day Rides Other
By signing this application, you accept full responsibility for any injuries you or any guests may incur during a NJS-BMW-Riders Inc. club activity. You accept that motorcycling is inherently dangerous, and that the club officers and members are not expected to accept any liability for injuries suffered by you or any guest you invite to an activity!
I've read the above paragraph and agree to hold harmless all members and officers of NJS-BMW-Riders
Yes No
When you click "submit this Form", you will be taken to the next page, where you will choose whether you want the newsletter delivered via email or the US Mail. Membership with email only delivery costs $20, and delivery via the US Mail costs an additional $5.
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