Announcing the Fluffybutt 2024 riding contest.

The object is to ride to and photograph you (or your bike) with as many
"places of interest" from this list as you can.
(#15 is in red because it is was changed between March 13 and 16).

Here is the same list sorted by zip code.

The contest ends Nov 1 2024.

Your entry must include:


2. A photo of you and/or your bike in front of the sign at the Place Of Interest (POI).

3. The number of the POI.

A point is awarded for attending club meetings, and taking a photo of you or your
bike outside of the venue.  Ditto Saturday Club Breakfasts and Moribundi Lunches
(first Wednesday of the month).

Two points are awarded for regional BMW rallys (New Sweden, etc).

Three points are awarded for attending MOA or RA National Rally.

Bike/Car rule:

You may do the contest either by motorcycle by car, but you must be
consistent -- all visited on a motorcycle or all by car.

Submit your entries to
It may take a few days for the admins to get around to posting your
latest submission.

Current scores are available for viewing on this Google Sheet.

This contest will be administered by Bill Dudley and Jonathan B.  The contest
starts March 13 2024.

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