Instructions on using the zoom program/app

and how the meeting will be run. The meeting number will be sent out on the club mailing list.

IF YOU'RE USING A LAPTOP (smart phone users read this anyway):

Go to and download and install the zoom program for your computer. There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Create a free zoom account while you're there.

A few minutes before the appointed meeting time (19:30 2nd Wednesday), open the zoom program, login with your zoom credentials (assuming you created an account) and click on "Join". Enter the meeting number. You will be put into the "waiting room".

If you move your mouse to the top right corner of the zoom window, you will see a control appear that says either "speaker view" or "gallery view". Speaker view shows you who's talking in a big window. Gallery view attempts to show everybody in the meeting. If there are many people in the meeting, then gallery view will have several pages.

If you move your mouse to the bottom of the zoom window, a tool bar will pop up. There is a button to mute/un-mute your audio, turn your video on/off, share your screen (don't do this unless you have a reason to share your computer's screen with the meeting). There is also a button labeled "participants". Click on that and a window will open, showing all the participants. At the bottom of that window is a button labeled "raise hand". Click that, and the moderator will see that you wish to speak. Ed will call on you and un-mute your microphone.


Go to the app store and download and install the Zoom app. Run it and sign in with your zoom credentials if you created a zoom account.

A few minutes before meeting time, open the app, and click Join. Enter the meeting number (TBA).

On a smartphone, swipe left and you get to "gallery view". Swipe right from "gallery view" and you will see "speaker view". Touch the screen and a menu will appear at the bottom. There are your mute/un-mute audio button, your video on/off button, and over on the right, a choice "More". Touch "More" and you will see a menu that includes "raise hand", which is how you get the moderator to allow you to speak.

You may have to turn on your video, as the app seems to come up with video disabled. Just tap the screen, and tap video in the toolbar, to turn video on (or off).

More information for everybody:

At the start of the meeting, the moderator, (probably president Ed) will admit people from the waiting room into the meeting. (This prevents bad people from annoying us, which is unfortunately a thing these days.)

At the start of the meeting, Ed will mute everybody's microphone. He will then call on Jim, Joe, etc for their reports. When the meeting moves to "new business", Ed will ask if the rest of the membership has anything to contribute.

Free Zoom meetings are supposed to be limited to 40 minutes, but my experience is that many times, Zoom extends the time, especially at night when demand for the service is low.

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